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Heera Idli Rice

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Idli or idly is India’s very own take on the world-famous rice cake. It is a popular breakfast element, even in Asian countries. The idli rice is the specific rice variety that is used to make delicious Indian rice cakes. Idli rice is short grain; it is the complete opposite of the fragrant and savoury basmati rice which is also a staple food in India. It is also parboiled rice, which means that it is partly cooked by boiling, unlike the basmati rice which is not parboiled.

Depending on your idli recipe, idli rice may be a staple breakfast food. However, it is also great for snacks. The idli rice cakes are made traditionally by steaming the idli rice integrated with fermented black lentils (urad dal) and are usually served hot.

Idli rice cakes are soft puffs of rice known to be completely light and pumped with nutrients that are essential for our health.

If you haven’t tried this amazing Indian food, now might be your chance to do so. One of the most reputable brands of idli rice is just one click away. Thanks to Red Rickshaw, you can now order Heera Idli Rice (2KG) and have it delivered to your doorstep today. We have rounded up some easy-to-prepare idli recipes for you to prepare at home. But before we get to that, here are several facts and information about idli rice.

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