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Elephant Atta Chakki Gold

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Chakki Gold has got it’s shine back! Our New and improved recipe for Chakki Gold Atta makes even more delicious, softer, fluffier chapattis! We have tweaked the recipe so not only is it still full of 100% wholemeal fibre goodness, our new atta mixes well and rolls just right to make the most perfect chapattis.

We use 100% whole wheat flour that is ground in a state of the art mill to create a flour so fine it’s almost white. Our Chakki mill produces the purest, softest and tiniest grains that are still full of wholemeal fibre goodness to keep your digestion healthy and happy.

Our new Chakki Gold Atta is naturally high in fibre, low in saturated fat and low in sugar. We have teamed up with Heart UK to promote healthy eating and living.

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